好奇貓 - 羊毛
好奇貓 - 羊毛
好奇貓 - 羊毛
好奇貓 - 羊毛
好奇貓 - 羊毛
好奇貓 - 羊毛
好奇貓 - 羊毛

好奇貓 - 羊毛

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They say curiosity killed the cat, but they also say they have nine lives. So in your hands you have an almost endlessly living cat. To keep you company and help you stay curious. “The Curious” is a cat collection of unique cats in wool and raw stoneware. 

Size Guide


Diameter: 4 cm
Height: 20 cm
Weight: 30 g


Diameter: 8 cm
Height: 28 cm
Weight: 100 g

Material: Wool and kapok filling

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