Lambwolf OTTO Figure 8 Harness measurement


*Please use a measuring tape for this.*

If you don't have one handy, use a leash as an alternative and use a pencil to mark on the leash, then measure the length of the marked leash

1. Measure with your pet in standing position (not sitting or laying down). Place the tape under the girth of your standing pet
1. 量度時寵物必須站立 (不可能坐著或趴著),把軟尺放在胸口下
2. Bring the tape up to the back of your pet forming a cross. One side should be the end of the tape
2. 把軟尺拉到背上並打成 "X",其中一端必須是尺的盡頭
3. The longer end will wrap around the neck of your pet
3. 把軟尺較長的一端繞過頸部
4. Bring the tape up to the back of your pet to meet the other end of the tape
4. 於背上從新連接軟尺的另一端

5. The tape should mimic the harness on the body and therefore should be as tight as you would want the harness to be on your pup. Do not measure loosely with the floof for an accurate and secure fit.
5. 為準確量度尺寸,量度時軟尺鬆緊度要模仿 OTTO 胸帶正式用於身上的效果,不要因為毛的厚度而放得太鬆。

6. If you have followed this guide well step by step, your tape should end at where you started: at the middle of the cross.
6. 如你根據以上每一步指示量度,軟尺的尾端應與軟尺的開端於背上 "X" 的中間重疊 

Take the measurement and match it to our size chart

XS 28 - 31 inches 吋 70 - 80 cm 厘米
S 32 - 35 inches  80 - 90 cm 厘米
M 36 - 39 inches  90 - 100 cm 厘米
 L 39 - 46 inches  100 - 118 cm 厘米


Measure twice, order once.

Email ( us anytime if you are not sure or if you find your pet's measurement between sizes. 

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