Cozy - Desiccant

Cozy - Desiccant

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The exclusive desiccant for the functional food box, so that the pet can eat safely and healthily

Exceeding the powerful dehumidification effect of the dehumidification packs on the market, it has twice the moisture absorption effect. 
After water vapor is absorbed, the moisture absorption powder will be converted into a gel state, with a visible moisture absorption effect!

Food safety is the key to healthy pets. There is a space on the interior of the lid dedicated to desiccants. 
Change the desiccant every month to keep the food dry and fresh, so that pets will eat damp and moldy food no more.
Exclusively developed exclusive moisture absorption formula with the ingredients of calcium chloride and natural bentonite, 
combined with DuPont patented Tyvek material to lock in moisture and keep food fresh.

In a complete aluminum foil package, moisture will never penetrate.
The Monocoque design makes it fully fit the groove space of the functional food box, exclusively made for the functional food box.

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