OPPO 貓森林貓爬架 - 額外附件
OPPO 貓森林貓爬架 - 額外附件
OPPO 貓森林貓爬架 - 額外附件
OPPO 貓森林貓爬架 - 額外附件
OPPO 貓森林貓爬架 - 額外附件
OPPO 貓森林貓爬架 - 額外附件
OPPO 貓森林貓爬架 - 額外附件

OPPO 貓森林貓爬架 - 額外附件

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“OPPO” stands for“Optimistic” & “Positive”. We look into life and strive to design an environment in which people and animals live together. We intend to make proposals incorporating wisdom to live with animals in a pleasurable and optimistic with positive thinking.

Cat Forest is a climbing tree for cats which you can adjust the directions
and the height of the perches (steps) depending on their growth.

You can add the optional parts easily and enjoy designing
and building your custom cat tree for your pet.

  • Cat Path is a connector between two poles. It becomes a path for your cat and allows it to cross safe. The path covers can be removed for ease of cleaning.
  • Bucket Shelf is a comfortable bed with a step which allows your cat to get in easily and fit snuggly.


Cat Path: 845mm(W)x215mm(D)x30mm(H)

Bucket Shelf: 405mm(W)x395mm(D)x245mm(H)


Cat Path: 2kg

Bucket Shelf: 1.4kg


Cat Path: 

Coating on MDF,Sheet: Polyester acrylic resin
Holder: Melamine coating on steel,Stopper: Steel and rubber
Nuts & bolts: Steel

Bucket Shelf: 

Body: ABS resin, nylon resin and steel
Sheet: Polyester acrylic resin


※The picture above is for reference only. The real object should be considered as final.

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