【PRE-ORDER】Cat Collar - Wonderland Collection
【PRE-ORDER】Cat Collar - Wonderland Collection
【PRE-ORDER】Cat Collar - Wonderland Collection
【PRE-ORDER】Cat Collar - Wonderland Collection
【PRE-ORDER】Cat Collar - Wonderland Collection
【PRE-ORDER】Cat Collar - Wonderland Collection

【PRE-ORDER】Cat Collar - Wonderland Collection

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Cheshire & Wain Pre-order MUST READ:

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  2. The lead time for the order to arrive at your address ranges from 4 to 6 weeks.
  3. Pre-order items can not be returned or refunded. Please consider carefully before placing an order.
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Cheshire & Wain預訂須知:

  1. 所有Cheshire & Wain品牌預訂商品於英國手工製造並寄出。
  2. 預訂商品需時大約4-6周送達至您的地址。
  3. 預訂商品不接受換貨或退款。請仔細考慮後再進行下單。
  4. 若您預定的商品已缺貨,我們將會直接聯絡您,了解是否需要換顏色或其他商品,亦或是直接退款。


Jabberwocky Black

"Beware the Jabberwock my son, the jaws that bite, the claws that catch!"

  • For mysterious cats who love to skulk in the shadows.

  • Made from soft black leather with a subtle sheen

  • Lined in black suede for your cat’s comfort

  • This collar will have your kitty purring: “Callooh! Callay!” in no time.

  • Complete with high quality breakaway buckle for the safety of your curious cat

White Rabbit

“I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!"

From running to exploring, to dining out of the finest chinaware, the White Rabbit cat collar is for the kitty whose day is packed with important appointments that they always seem to be late for! 

  • Made from pure white leather

  • Lined with contrasting, baby pink suede for your cat’s comfort

  • Silver hardware 

  • Complete with discreet breakaway clip for the safety of your curious cat

Handmade in London, UK

Unsuitable for cats that weigh under 2.5kg

            When buying your kitty a collar for the first time, it can be tricky to know which size to buy or how to get the best fit. Here at Cheshire & Wain, we’re cat lovers who specialise in creating designer collars – so over the years we’ve come to know a thing or two about fitting your collar and finding the perfect size.

            AGE 4 months - 1 year 1 year + 1-3+ years 1 year + 3 years +
            WEIGHT 2.5-4.5kg/
            7kg +/
            COLLAR MEASUREMENT 18-22cm/
            C&W COLLAR SIZE Petite Petite Standard Standard Large
            BREED EXAMPLES All Breeds ♀♂ Mixed Breed ♀
            Abbysinian ♀♂
            Burmese ♀♂
            Scottish Fold♀
            Siamese ♀♂
            Singapura ♀♂
            Sphynx ♀♂
            Rex ♀♂
            British Shorthair ♀♂
            Maine Coon ♀♂
            Norwegian Forest ♀♂
            Ragdoll ♀♂
            Mixed Breed ♀
            American Shorthair ♀♂
            Bombay ♀♂
            Birman ♀
            Bengal ♀♂
            British Shorthair 
            Maine Coon 
            Norwegian Forest ♀♂
            Persian ♀♂
            Ragdoll ♀
            Russian Blue ♀♂
            Scottish Fold ♂
            Siberian Forest ♀♂
            Toyger ♀♂
            British Shorthair ♂
            Ragdoll ♂
            Maine Coon ♂
            Savannah Cats ♀♂
            Norwegian Forest ♀♂
            Siberian Forest ♂

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