Paw Balm - Moisturizing & Deodorant
Paw Balm - Moisturizing & Deodorant
Paw Balm - Moisturizing & Deodorant

Paw Balm - Moisturizing & Deodorant

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In addition to moisturizing the paws, it is a cream with deodorant performance.
It has a moist finish, but it also moderately suppresses conflicting stickiness.

The product comes in a paper package, making it a perfect gift.

A palm that gently cares for the paws by the action of natural ingredients

● The paws are well moisturized and can be deodorized and sterilized.
● Squalane formulation allows the protective ingredients to penetrate quickly.
● Neutralizes the source of odor and deodorizes firmly.
● The faint scent of natural lavender is pleasant.
● It is comfortable to use with a special manufacturing method that suppresses stickiness.
● No synthetic fragrances, colorings, preservatives, etc. are used.



Baking Soda
Honey Wax
Lavender Oil

* No synthetic fragrances, colorings, preservatives, etc. are used.
* Shea butter, which is the main ingredient, changes greatly with temperature, and is very soft when the temperature is high and hard when the temperature is low.
* The temperature is often very high immediately after manufacturing or during transportation, and due to the characteristics of the package, the cream that melts slowly often becomes biased in the container .
In addition, once melted cream, the surface often hardens in a rough and rough state when the temperature drops, but there is no problem with quality, so please use it with confidence.


How to use

Take a small amount and apply it to paws or between toes.

■ Precautions for use
Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity, and store in a sealed container.
Keep out of the reach of children.
If you notice any abnormalities using this product, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian.

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