Groomo (With One Tape)
Groomo (With One Tape)
Groomo (With One Tape)
Groomo (With One Tape)
Groomo (With One Tape)
Groomo (With One Tape)
Groomo (With One Tape)

Groomo (With One Tape)

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Groomo is a grooming comb for pet which combines a smart-looking toothed comb with a lint roller. You can physically communicate with your furry friend while grooming.

Product Information

If you stroke your pet’s body with the product, you can have a relaxing time with your pet.
You can keep your cat’s fur while collecting loose hair before it spreads. You don't have to spend time to extract the fur from your hands or brush after a grooming.

The product stands uprightly by itself and the design fits with in any spaces at home so that you can keep it at a place within your reach.

You can also use it to quickly clean your own clothes from the pet hair that may have attached to your sleeves and legs when you hold your pet. It can remove your pet hair from your sofa as well.

The tape has been especially designed with a series of cute pet pictures on it.
When the tape has run out, replace the refill available separately.
You can use commercially available tape which is 38mm in bore diameter and 80mm in width.


Materials Body: ABS resin,Roller: Nylon,Tape
base: Paper ,Tape adhesive: Synthetic rubber
Size 72mm(W)x66mm(D)x95mm(H)
Weight 160g (Inc. one tape)

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