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FurBroom can efficiently remove your pet hair from any floor.
The rubber triple blade reaches inside carpet and scrape out embedded furs
which you cannot remove with either a lint roller or an average vacuum cleaner.
You can use it for hard surfaces as well.
Each time you pull the broom towards you,
the rubber blade forms a wall and completely sweeps away
large amounts of your pet hair on any floor in just a single pass.

Product Information

FurBroom is specialized for removing pet hair and light weight fiber waste from any floor. You can completely clean up your floor with the product.

The distinctive blade was developed to be focused on removing pet hair and fiber waste.
The blade powerfully scrapes embedded furs from carpet.
You can also use it on wet floors.
The product is easy to keep clean because collected hair is not entangled in the blade.
When the blade gets dirty, you can quickly wash it with water.

When you clean carpet, hold the broom so that the longer side of the head plate faces to the outside. It adjusts so that the blade has the best strength for scraping carpet.

When you clean hard floors, turn it around so that the shorter side faces to the outside. The broom becomes more flexible and sweeps any wastes from the flat surfaces.

The header (W:33cm) is wide enough to clean your floor in less time with little effort.
The TPE bumpers on both ends prevent the broom from damaging walls and furnishings.


Materials the head plate: Polyester・TPE
handle/steel pipe: Polyethylene coated・POM
Size Approx,330mm(W)x1420mm(H)


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