EasyDry Dog Towel
EasyDry Dog Towel
EasyDry Dog Towel
EasyDry Dog Towel
EasyDry Dog Towel
EasyDry Dog Towel
EasyDry Dog Towel

EasyDry Dog Towel

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A quick drying towel made of absorbent viscose blend that can be used as an accessory with other Siccaro products or on its own. The towel is made from Siccaro viscose blend. It originates from bamboo, is incredibly soft, light and absorbent. Great for using at home and especially on the go.
  • Silky, smooth viscose originating from bamboo fibre
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Absorbs 5x its own weight in water
  • Reduces the smell of wet dog
  • Packs into one of its pockets for easy storage
  • Does not collect static electricity
  • Siccaro logo on one of the pockets
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Material Terry from bamboo fibre
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Instructions: Take the EasyDry Dog Towel out of its packaging and take it with your hands in the two pockets. Gently dry your dog gently. The cloth can be used to dry small animals such as puppies or cats as well as large dogs. It is ideal for on the go when paws or ears have to be dried quickly.

Care: After drying your dog, hang the EasyDry Dog Towel in a well-ventilated place or outdoors to dry. For greater contamination, it is machine washable at 30 ° C (with enzyme-free detergent) and low heat drier suitable

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