Catnip Toy - Love Letter
Catnip Toy - Love Letter
Catnip Toy - Love Letter
Catnip Toy - Love Letter

Catnip Toy - Love Letter

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Write what you want to tell the cat into the love letter! The body is filled with cotton and a ringing paper that will make a rustling sound, causing the cat to play. The premium catnip and natural materials are made into Polygonum sibiricum fruit powder (cat stimulant) and filled in the sandwich pocket for easy replacement and cleaning.

Use extra-grade catnip and natural material Mudaceae fruit powder (this picture shows, not the actual amount added)

A small step: When the cat grass taste dissipates, it can be filled with different brands of cat grass to add freshness to the cat.

Maintenance and use method:
1. After use, the cat can use wipes to wipe off the surface dirt and saliva, dry naturally or dry with a hairdryer, put it in a chain bag, the taste will last longer. Play with your cat once or twice a week to keep it fresh.
2. After the cat grass bag has no taste, first remove the cat grass in the interlayer, then wrap the laundry bag and use the washing machine to clean it, dry it and fill the cat grass in the interlayer. It is a clean and fragrant cat grass bag!

Cleaning method: Machine-washable, it is recommended to wash separately, use a laundry bag and hang to dry. Do not iron, bleach, dry, or dry clean.

Size: 7.5X6.5X3 cm (hand-made, size error 0.5-1 cm)

Material: Polyester fiber, cotton cloth, edible super catnip, edible wood Polygonum fruit powder, environmental protection PET sound

Supplementary matters:
There will be a color difference between the screen and the actual color, please refer to the actual product.

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