Beef and Potato Dog Can (Oktoberfest delicacies)
Beef and Potato Dog Can (Oktoberfest delicacies)
Beef and Potato Dog Can (Oktoberfest delicacies)
Beef and Potato Dog Can (Oktoberfest delicacies)

Beef and Potato Dog Can (Oktoberfest delicacies)

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Dog Food in Glass Jar - Made in Germany

Product information 

Here in Bavaria, folk festivals are a way of life. Why not share this lifestyle with our four-legged friends?

Our Wiesn delicacies consist of fresh meat from young bulls (72.1%), potatoes (12.2%), carrots (5.8%), cucumber (3.5%) and parsley (1.8%). Everything is hand-cut and cooked with love for an unforgettable treat. Plus 2% beef bone meal, 1.5% linseed oil, 0.06% seaweed and 0.5% brewer's yeast.

Potatoes: provide energy and minerals, vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc
Carrots: promote digestion and contain many vitamins and minerals
Cucumber: has no calories, but all the more vitamins (B, C and E), iron, Zinc, phosphorus and potassium
Parsley: contains a lot of vitamin C and supports the kidneys

We rely on balanced instead of one-sided and that's why we don't have any complete food. In order to provide the widest possible range of our products, we rely on our modular system: high-quality muscle meat from various protein sources, offal potlets with an optimal composition of liver, heart, spleen and kidneys, various types of vegetables and fruit, herbs and oils - all together combined and your dog eats a balanced diet and is well cared for. Or do you want to eat the same thing every day?

Feeding Guide

2-3% of body weight per day depending on breed, age, activity level and hormonal status. This value is an average and may need to be adjusted individually. For puppies, you can increase the amount of food to 4-5%

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude protein: 17.0%
Crude fat: 7.7% Crude
Ash: 1.9%
Crude fibre: 0.6%
Moisture: 62.1%
Calcium: 0.21g/100g
Phosphorus: 0.17g/100g Convertible
Energy: 793kJ/100g

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